Working Title:              Production Manager

Reports to:                   Director of Operations

The Production Manager is responsible for overseeing the safe operation of the manufacturing facility. This hands-on position will be accountable for the timely and efficient production and shipment of high-quality products.


  • Assures the efficient operation of all departments (i.e. sewing, cutting, maintenance, shipping and receiving, CAD) under their responsibility
  • Supervises and schedules work for all production staff via the Production Supervisor and Line Leaders, ensuring a balanced flow of work from department to department
  • Identifies and deals with workflow problems, liaising with the Production Supervisor and Line Leaders to correct difficulties arising on the floor
  • Identifies areas for improvement in production and product development processing; monitors machine usage and maintenance status
  • Maintains production levels to realize sales forecast within the budget requirement
  • Ensures new orders entered in the production schedule; followed by disseminating the necessary paperwork to each department for information and/or processing
  • Monitors production to ensure production is running in-line with the production schedule
  • Applies methods and procedures to operations as per established company policies, procedures and accepted practices
  • Liaises and coordinates with other departments to maximize overall effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensures health and safety policies and programs are adhered to
  • Conducts regular production meetings to review scheduling progress and discuss any concerns or new ideas, including training, team building, cross training of operators and assess overall morale
  • Plans human resources requirements and oversees employee hiring, training, performance evaluations, setting of staff and department objectives and terminations
  • Promotes and enhances a positive team environment, including efforts to establish and maintain high levels of employee involvement and communication
  • Ensures all plant assets are properly managed and maintained
  • Assists with the development and implementation of the annual operating plan including costs and quality
  • Provides regular financial and productivity reviews as required
  • Assists with recommending and developing capital expenditure projects
  • Maintains respectful communication with co-workers and supervisory staff
  • Familiar with the Company’s ISO Quality Policy and understands the impact of this position on the competitiveness and performance of the company
  • Trained in the requirements of NIJ Standard-0101.07 Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor and to facilitate conformity to the NIJ body Armor Compliance Testing Program specifications
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Complies with and ensures Health & Safety policies and programs are followed


  • 4-year degree in a related discipline
  • 8 years’ experience in an operations management position within a manufacturing environment
  • Knowledge of cut and sew industry particularly in an law enforcement or defence environment would be considered an asset
  • Lean certification desired
  • clear understanding of cost of goods sold, profit/loss and balance sheet relationships and well developed analytical and reasoning skills
  • Experience working in an ISO certified organization
  • Proven supervisory, organizational and leadership skills with the ability to lead and motivate production staff and deal effectively with people
  • Superior oral communications skills; must be able to work with all levels of staff
  • Forward thinking, proactive and results orientated
  • Good understanding of current employment and health and safety legislation
  • Strong computer skills

Work Environment:

  • Normal office work environment with the freedom to stand, sit, walk, and stretch as necessary
  • Clean work environment – typical of a manufacturing facility
  • Some travel may be required

Stress Environment:

  • Fast paced manufacturing/plant environment with considerable stress
  • This position faces strict deadlines with conflicting demands and changing priorities

Direct Supervision Given:

  • Directs various work units through subordinates
  • Manages direct reports
  • Sets and monitors standards of performance and establishing general production policies and procedures
  • Provides advice and guidance to directly supervised employees and performs performance appraisals
  • Oversees hiring, disciplining and terminating directly supervised employees and may also participate for indirectly supervised employees

Functional Advice:

  • Provides advice and recommendations to senior management and other department managers regarding new or changed production policies and procedures and product development and has implementation responsibilities
  • Interacts with sales, CSR, materials, finance, HR staff etc

Type of Supervision required/ Independence of Action

  • Considerable independence of action
  •  Develop policies and procedures; changes are discussed with supervisor

Consequence of Error

  • Considerable impact if errors are made as decisions have an impact on major function of organization
  • Safety is of some concern


  • Use of confidential information forms a large part of regular task
  • Disclosure of information could have a serious and long-lasting effect which may involve significant monetary loss or loss of goodwill



  • Interacts with production staff, direct reports and other personnel from other PSP departments including customer service, materials, finance, quality and HR
  • Has contact with senior levels of management which requires tact and judgement; may be required to present material which is controversial – considerable interpersonal skills is required


  • Position deals with suppliers and customers which requires tact, good judgement and interpersonal skills; may deal with demanding situations


  •  Moderate Physical effort
  •  Basic keyboarding skills



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